Sunday, March 2, 2008

Learning Petrushka

Learning to operate the head of the Ballerina has been an intensive puppet experience! After watching the video i knew it would be difficult, but in practice it's even harder. A lot of it is about performing up to speed with the music. But I feel really good about our Ballerina team (they've been so helpful and patient). And i think i've finally moved past just remembering the steps to really addressing the intricacies of momentum and dynamics. And knowing that i can really manhandle that puppet to make her look good!

We trained Lindsay in on the head yesterday. See the picture ......


Saturday, February 16, 2008

Rehearsals Begin!

Preparations this month at Basil's studio on Leroy Street for the return of "Petrushka" to Lincoln Center are underway.  We start our journey back into this piece by rehearsing the figurative puppetry - The Ballerina, The Moor and Petrushka,  because they are the most complicated and rigorous sections of the show.    The full puppeteer team is:  Erin Orr, Lake Simons, Matt Acheson, Christopher Williams, Marc Petrosino, Deana Acheson, Eric Wright,  Kirsten Kammermeyer and Kate Brehm.